Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy. Massage helps you relax and minimize the impact of stress on your body. Therapeutic touch relieves many of the aches and pains that accompany your changing body. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes healthier moms, shorter labors and healthier babies. All of our massages are customized for your situation.

Both indoor and outdoor available. 45, 60, or 75minutes, $89-$130 

Divine Mama Deep Relaxation

A special treat for any mama-to-be. Spoil yourself with these deeply relaxing 90 minutes that include our signature prenatal massage focused on all of your tight and sore areas, heated steam towels and aromatherapy. The added temperatures, scents and textures help you unwind and enter a deeper state of relaxation. There is seasonal variation in this treatment.

Both indoor and outdoor available. 90minutes, $165

"Birth" Day Massage

On, past or just about at your due date? It’s time to check out of that waiting game for awhile. We will work with you to design this session for whatever your current needs are — blending deep relaxation, deep tissue, aromatherapy, and very often some acupressure or Spinning Babies techniques to help balance your body if appropriate. This is special time for you to turn down the volume on the “waiting game”, check in with your baby and your body, and let your mind go quiet.

Both indoor and outdoor available. 90minutes, $165

Partner Massage Instruction

Currently outdoors only. Bring your partner in for this special Partner Massage Instruction session to help them get the tools to transform their massage techniques from "good" to "great."  The pregnant person will begin the massage table receiving a massage from both her partner and our prenatal massage therapist. We'll offer techniques and tools and tips for tired, achey hands.

Currently outdoor only. 90minutes, $175

Body Balancing for Birth

Book a one-to-one appointment with Nicole to more strategically balance out your body for prenatal comfort and birth. We'll customize the session to what you need right now --  "prepare your pelvic floor for birth" to "better breathing for back and rib pain" to "hack your pillows for better sleep." We will combine massage, myofascial stretching, movement and breathing techniques to help you find more comfort and stack the cards in your favor for an easier birth. 

Both indoor and outdoor available.



(not prenatal)

Postpartum Massage

Yep, it’s nap time. Your nap time. We’ll tuck you in, melt away your tension and lull you into relaxation with deeply, sedating massage. Sleep may be elusive in these weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little nap in. Massage taps into your body's innate physiology to promote better sleep and help you rest better at home, too. Baby is always welcome in all our massages, but this one is definitely a little more effective if baby stays with another caregiver.

Both indoor and outdoor available. 45, 60 or 75min, $85-$130

Breastfeeding Mama's Makeover

Is breastfeeding taking a toll on your body? It's real work! Come get a makeover of your shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Breeze through postpartum recovery without sacrificing your own body as you tackle that  breastfeeding learning curve. Wanna bring babe? Yes, please! Baby will change your massage experience, but it's worth it. She can be in a stroller next to you or with you on the massage table to feed on demand. Or both. :)

Both indoor and outdoor available. About 75minutes, $130.

Infant Massage Instruction

This is a private session just for your family conducted virtually via Zoom or in our outdoor gazebo. Infant massage is an ancient art of families giving loving touch to their babies that crosses cultures and spans generations upon generations. It helps with family bonding, calms your baby and calms the caregiver as well. The best time to begin infant massage is in the first few months, and it is definitely easier before your baby is turning over too much and definitely before they are crawling.  

Either outdoor in our private gazebo or online via Zoom. 60min, $70-$105

  • Hot Stone Tx

    Add on a mini hot stone treatment to melt your tension and pull you deeper into relaxation, $5.

  • Heated Hand & Foot Tx

    In this heated and moisturizing treatment, your hands and/or feet will be slathered up in a natural alternative to parafin and wrapped in heated mittens or booties.  $10-$15

  • Cupping

    Massage cupping uses suction to soften adhesion(s), open up connective tissues, stimulate blood flow, induce relaxation and most importantly relieve pain. $10

  • Cooling Peppermint Foot Scrub

    Give your footsies some extra TLC with this invigorating peppermint foot scrub with hot steam towels! $5.

  • Glacial Shells

    Cooling shells are added to keep soothe and calm your fiery muscles or keep you cooled off, $5.

  • Warming Ginger Foot Scrub

    Pamper your feet with this warming ginger foot scrub with hot steam towels! $5.

  • CBD Balm

    Add on this hemp-derived THC-free CBD muscle balm. CBD is know for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-anxiety effects. Non psychoactive. 500mg -- $7 | 1000mg -- $10

  • Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Scrub

    This turmeric-infused salt scrub adds powerful anti-inflammatory healing to your massage -- for pain relief and overall wellness.$5.


A customized massage session is designed specifically for you depending on your needs. It can focus on deep relaxation in a Swedish-style massage that uses oils to provide long, soothing strokes to the body, inducing deep relaxation by easing muscle tension, relaxing your breathing and releasing stress. Or it can be more therapeutic in approach applying deeper pressure to release chronically tight muscles. For most people, their session includes elements of both.

Both indoor and outdoor available. 60min, $110. 90minutes, $150

CBD Massage (coming soon)

Coming soon!!!




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