Welcome to our garden! 

We have built a private gazebo in the backyard behind our Banker's Hill office. Under the breezy trees and flowers. Complete with all of our standard professional massage equipment! 
The gazebo is quite private and nestled behind our building and far from street view. Our clients still have access to our regular, clean bathrooms. 
While we originally built it to comply with CA & SD COVID restrictions, we are keeping it open at the request of our clients! 

Our little spot is pretty darn private in a pretty darn quiet part of a quiet neighborhood. That said, when we are outside, we have very little control over things in the world. We are doing our best to create an optimal experience for you. Please join us in embracing the "unknown" together. ;) 

All appointments are subject to fluctuations in the  weather and air quality. We might need to contact you to adjust the time of your appointment, or if you prefer, move it indoors. 

You will have privacy to undress and receive your massage unclothed with a sheet. For your own comfort, please know that it is entirely appropriate for you to decide to wear a pair of shorts, sports bra (or even a bathing suit). 

All appointments will have complimentary access to warming or cooling elements: from our "chill pad" to heating pads and heat lamps. 


We are committed to massage not feeling different. But it's definitely a little more high maintenance. Check our new "arrival" procedures for your massage appointment. 


We have been issued industry specific safety guidelines by the State of CA, San Diego County as well as our industry nation-wide. Read more about it.


Closed? Open? The California Massage Therapy Council has a county-by-county map of what restrictions are in place in CA right now. 



Located in the Blue Lotus Center for Health in Hillcrest 

3320 Third Avenue, Ste.B

San Diego, CA 92103 

Tel: (619) 955-6670


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