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You love massage. So will your kids!

Kids get stressed. They have anxiety. They can be plagued by sleep woes. And suffer all sorts of physical ailments from growing pains to headaches to soreness from intense athletic training.
And just like for adults, massage can be a powerful, all-natural supportive therapy that helps both alleviate symptoms and promote overall wellness.

Loving touch is one of the most important parenting tools you have. It communicates far better than your words.

--your massage therapist


Our massage for kids is always permission-based — asking the child’s permission to touch their bodies. And we adjust everything depending on the child’s age, mood and condition. We adjust the pace of the massage, modulate the pressure used and adjust how the child is positioned on the massage table (face down, seated, etc.), etc. It doesn’t always look like what our grown-up idea of massage is ...but we roll with it!


In studies specific to pediatric populations (ages 2 -19), results have shown:

  • reduced anxiety

  • reduced depression and levels of stress hormones (cortisol)

  • increased length of sleep and decreased sleep latency

  • decreased pain

  • improved behavior, mood and social communication

  • improved pulmonary function

  • improved muscle tone


Parents are an important part of the massage experience, depending on the child’s age, needs and the family situation. We want you to go home with tools to bring massage into your own family.

Contact us to know more or with questions about your own family!

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