You're pregnant. You want a massage.
You've got questions. And options. 

A few decades ago, massage schools taught therapists that massage was a "big no-no" for pregnancy. For no real reason. A new generation of massage therapists knew this was just hogwash and knew that not only could touch be safe, but for many women, it was desperately needed. 

Unfortunately, like so many things in pregnancy, massage has remained couched in confusion, mystery and fear. 

This site is dedicated to dispelling the myths that linger and helping women feel confident about getting really good prenatal massage throughout their pregnancies.

DIY Massage. 

Looks like it might be up to YOU to give her a massage at home.

Sound daunting? 

It's easier than you think. AND research shows that massage from your partner conveys all the benefits of a professional massage.

We've been teaching partners to massage each other for 15 years and have special mini classes now available to teach you how to give massage at home. 

While these are good for anybody, they are designed to be safe and effective by pregnancy massage specialists.

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