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Why join Equilibrio's team?

​ We are a team-focused business -- ridiculously passionate, obsessed with education and delivering on service to our clients. 


Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • A Team environment where you are encouraged to think like an Owner, not just an Employee

  • Culture, Teamwork & Service are our core values

  • Stable, hourly pay for all hours worked, not just service hours (no minimum wage)

  • Paid time off

  • Company that is invested in our education and development as a team, therapists and individuals

  • Incentives, Team rewards & company perks

All our service providers are real W-2 employees, not independent contractors (that's the law in California!!).

Currently hiring for late afternoon and weekend shifts, both in Bankers Hill and Carmel Valley.

Dear Creative & Talented Bodyworker, 


We’re a committed and passionate team of bodyworkers specialized in women’s health. And we take our craft seriously.


Our day consists mostly of helping pregnant women manage the discomforts and stress of pregnancy, prepare for their birth and supporting these mamas through postpartum recovery and into Mamahood. 


Women and their families choose us for our commitment to really good and customized massage. They come to us for our depth of experience in pregnancy and birth. And they come back to us because we make a real difference in their lives. We are obsessed with delivering on this. 


We love geeking out on birth, women’s health and bodywork. When we are not in session, we can be found talking about nerdy stuff like research, busting massage myths and getting teary-eyed over amazing birth stories our clients share. 


We are dedicated to education – our own training, as well as our role as educators with our Mamas and their families. 


We love our work and we step in when the team needs us. We believe in earning our growth together. WE take care of OUR clients, WE don’t have an “I, me, mine” attitude. WE think about “our, us, we”.


Our industry is broken and changing rapidly; the average massage therapist leaves after five years – physically and financially burnt out. We are forging a different path. We believe that if we work together, we can and are building a long-term, sustainable and fulfilling career in massage.


If your desire is to be the very best at what you do, if you don’t shy away from being challenged each and every day to be your very best, then it’s obvious that a divine force has brought us together! 


Let’s get to get to know one another! Send your full (1) resume and (2) letter telling us more about you and why YOU are our next MT  – we want to know your goals and passions!

Submit your resume & letter us via email!

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