How to find the RIGHT prenatal massage

You've done your research, but reviews aren't always enough. Like most things pregnancy, prenatal massage is cloaked in myths, rumors and fear: is deep tissue massage safe? foot massage? will it put me into labor?

We have talked to a lot of people about prenatal massage over the past 15 years. A lot. From pregnant women recovering from a bad massage experience to loved ones looking to purchase a gift: dads-to-be, MILs, grandpas-to-be, BFFs, sisters, aunties-to-be, co-mamas-to-be, intended parents and a whole lotta grandmas-to-be. 


We’ve heard way too many stories of prenatal massage gone wrong and answered question after question as people try to figure out what works and where to go. From safety issues to equipment, we explain it all! Use these questions to cut through the rumors and myths and get to the good, yummy massage!




We can’t tell you how many times we talk to women who were thoroughly disappointed in a prenatal massage experience simply because the therapist used very light pressure. She was struggling with back pain and just wanted the knots worked out. Women literally go home and cry. 


You should keep in mind that many massage establishments establish internal policies that prohibit their massage therapists from doing any deeper work on pregnant mamas. If a pregnant woman is experiencing a lot of muscle tension and hoping the massage will address it, she might be quite disappointed and frustrated by the lighter prenatal massage that is very common at many spas and massage centers. 


It is not a safety issue. We might have an opinion on this. Check out our writings on deep tissue and pregnancy. 



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