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Baby's still coming. (Lockdown or not).

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We closed up shop temporarily last weekend and will open .... well, we'll open at some point late this Spring. We are sad to not be able to work with so many of our clients and families who are due in the next month or so. But massage will be there in a few months when you're ready.

But here we are: lockdown or not, baby's either coming or baby's here. Babies don't stop for any legal mandate.

For now there are AMAZING resources online for pregnant families and postpartum mamas. (And the COVID-19 pandemic has exploded content creation!!!!) Here are some of our absolute favorites AND some of them are local San Diego small businesses.

Pregnant? Get prepared!

The Birth Education Center here in San Diego is a GEM of a resource. They are working nonstop to transform their classes into live streaming classes so that they can keep supporting birthing families amidst this COVID-19 lockdown. They have both Childbirth Preparation classes, as well as Newborns 101 and Breastfeeding 101.

THE movement program we recommend to our mamas for pregnancy, preparing for birth and better postpartum recovery. If we could have designed a movement program for you -- this would be it! It's all about stacking the cards in your favor -- from prenatal comfort to easier birth to abdominal separation to pelvic floor issues.

There are so many options for online prenatal yoga now. If you want to support a local business -- Mamas & Milk has taken their classes on line.

Postpartum? Get support!

Postpartum -- regaining your core? Abdominal separation? Pelvic floor and continence concerns? THIS is a pretty comprehensive program -- taking you from the essential 7 exercises to do immediately postpartum to scaling up to exercise and core recovery. These ladies KNOW their stuff.

Both the Breastfeeding Support Center and Mamas and Milk are offering virtual support options for breastfeeding mamas and their families right now -- from support groups to one-on-one lactation support.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to hear from you! You can text us at (619) 9550.

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