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Can you get deep tissue massage in pregnancy?

Yesterday afternoon I made a bunch of phone calls to some of my favorite spas in San Diego to find out about their prenatal massage services. How much they charge, positioning, duration, special limitations (for example, no massage during first trimester). Overall I was quite impressed with the way the spa staff answered my questions, but one thing really stood out as the spas kept emphasizing it: light to medium pressure!!

In fact, one of the spa's literature specifically defines prenatal massage as light to medium in pressure more like a traditional Swedish massage (and oh my gosh, check out the prices!! I did not make that 80minute one up!):

Pre-Natal Performed on specially designed cushions and pillows, this light to medium-pressure massage alleviates many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. 50 minutes – $155 or 80 minutes – $230

Others I spoke with verbally confirmed the same.

This is actually one of the issues I discuss with new clients as they come in for their first massage. It is very common for women to have received a prenatal massage elsewhere and have not received enough pressure.

Most pregnant women I talk to think this practice is pure insanity. In fact, they end up scheduling prenatal massages precisely because they want pressure on their aching backs and hips.

What is this all about? Well partly it's that you pay more for deep tissue work in a spa. Spa management sees it as a measurable element they can parse out and put a price tag on. But mostly it stems from a sense of pregnant women as fragile and a need to use massage as pampering, relaxing time (which some would see as distinct from therapeutic elements).

Well, not to worry when you come visit us here at Equilibrio! We love deep tissue massage, we don't think all pregnant women are fragile and we customize each massage for the amount of pressure you need; this might be lighter touch or it may be deeper, more sustained pressure. Our clients find this customized approach a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience.

Deep tissue bodywork is safe throughout your pregnancy. A knowledgeable therapist will work with you to find the correct pressure that will alleviate your discomforts!

Please feel free to call or email if you have specific questions about your individual situation. You deserve a fantastic massage!

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