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Getting healthy “down below the ankles”

Did you know that what’s happening “down below” your ankles affects not just your feet, but your entire legs, overall body circulation, as well as your pelvic and back alignment and potentially your overall health? Healthy, happy feet lead to better knee, hip, pelvic and overall body alignment, an important step toward less pain and more optimal wellness. 

Healthy foot training has a science-based approach to foot health that shifts the paradigm from “supporting our feet with good shoes” to “strengthening your feet to support your body.”

In these sessions, we will explore:

  • Ideal alignment, simple stretches and massages to minimize foot pain and strain

  • Gentle foot exercises to strengthen your entire foot (you need all of your foot) and begin restoring lost mobility and function

  • Principles for choosing the best shoes for your health

These sessions are helpful for people with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arch pain and weakness and various other foot troubles, as well as Diabetes-related foot neuropathy and pregnancy and postpartum foot pain.

But you don’t need to be suffering from foot ailments to want to optimize your foot health. These sessions can also help you if you want to jump into the barefoot movement and start living a minimal shoe life.

Contact Nicole if you are interested in learning more.

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