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Postpartum massage at home

We are excited to announce our new "outcall" program for postpartum massage. We are happy to have one of our massage specialists travel to your home after the birth of your baby. Our hope is to reach more women with postpartum care.

Many moms never make it back in for postpartum care. And too many come back to see us many, many months after the birth of their child wishing they had been able to find a way to work massage into their life in those first few months. Massage not only helps address the discomforts and physical changes of the postpartum period, but it offers mom some important time to begin integrating the major life changes that she has just experienced.

In an effort to make it easier for you to continue receiving the benefits of massage after the birth of your babies,we are are happy to travel to your home for postpartum massage. Currently, this program is available:

  • to existing clients (or new client on a strong referral from an existing)

  • within the first six months postpartum

  • within a 12-mile radius of our office (travel available to further locations for an additional travel fee).

This postpartum outcall massage is 75 minutes and costs $165. At-home massage is also available as an add-on at our regular office prices for any additional family members (new dads, grandparents, etc.) who are helping you with this life transition. Prices for additional family members are $105 per 60 minute massages and $135 for 90 minute massages. (Gratuities not included in these prices).

We will bring our massage table, linens and some pillows. You might want to have some clean towels and a few additional pillows available. Please have a space available to accommodate our massage table and consider setting this up on the first floor. Most women aim to nurse their babies immediately before the massage, this not only buys mom some time, but may also minimize breast tenderness. However, the massage therapist can help set you up in a side-lying position so you can possibly nurse during your massage.

Send us an emailor give us a call (619-955-6670) if you'd like to know more or are ready to schedule!

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