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We've got a crush on you!

I gotta say. We've got a crush on you.

While we love our pregnant mamas the most, we are continually blown away by their loving and generous families and friends.

You touch our hearts with your gestures. You define family and love -- in all our traditional and non traditional ways.

Here are some examples:

  • The Grandpa-to-be in Iraq who regularly bought massages for his San Diego-based daughter, and kept checking in to see if we thought she needed more massages.

  • The deployed husband who emails back-n-forth with us for weeks from all sorts of time zones to arrange a surprise massage complete with flowers, a card and chocolate covered strawberries.

  • The co-Mama who surprised her pregnant wife with a "partner massage" instruction to get some more massage tools in her kit to be even more present during the pregnancy.

  • The Gang of 5 BFFs who pooled money to buy a series of six massages for their girl who tried for 3 years to get pregnant.

  • The gay couple who bought massage after massage for their San Diego-based gestational surrogate, expressing the most loving and tender gratitude and commitment to care for her.

  • The sisters who schedule a surprise massage the morning of the mama-to-be's baby shower! "We want her to relax and just be present -- this is her day to enjoy being pregnant."

  • The BFF who calls around to every massage therapist in San Diego to find somebody who can help her new postpartum mama friend who feels as if an 18-wheeler just rolled over her -- twice.

  • The step mama who can't be near her step daughter and calls to buy massage after massage to make sure her girl is taken care of!

  • The new mama who bought a gift certificate for the woman from Reno who flew to be with her at her birth. This new mama was newly single and alone here in San Diego and called upon the mama of the friend who had served with her in Afghanistan.

  • The grandpa-to-be in New England who felt powerless to help his very uncomfortable 36 week pregnant daughter here in San Diego and wanted to do something for her...because he couldn't rub her shoulders himself.

We have more than a decade of stories we could share. So many variations on these recent ones. We could go on and on.

You inspire us. We are so honored to be a tiny part of your stories!


Everybody at Equilibrio Massage

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