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Yes, you can get massage after baby comes.

If we could have one massage wish come true it would be that all of our clients get massage postpartum.

Massage can help alleviate the physical discomforts of holding baby and breastfeeding, as well as help you rest better and help you integrate all the life changes that are rapidly underway. 

How soon can you get a massage?
If you delivered vaginally, a massage is safe immediately postpartum. If you delivered via belly (a C-section), you should email or call to chat with us first -- depending on when you gave birth, we may need you to check in with your doc first. 

What about breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding and caring for a baby are hard physical work. Massage can helps your muscles adjust. We are quite used to accommodating tender, leaky breasts -- depending on how you feel, you can still receive the massage in a side-lying position and we always have extra towels around to help keep that abundant milk supply in check. 

Can I bring my baby?
Yes! Many women bring their baby. Sometimes they come with another caregiver.  Alternately, you can bring your baby INTO the massage, either in a stroller next to the massage table or actually on the table with you so that you can nurse on demand and keep that little bundle close.

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