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You're pregnant. You love good massage. That's not a deal-breaker!

We specialize in prenatal massage so smart mamas can enjoy their pregnancy. Guilt-free. 

You've done your research, but reviews aren't always enough. Like most things pregnancy, prenatal massage is cloaked in myths, rumors and fear: is deep tissue massage safe? foot massage? 

Sleepless & Pregnant?

You’re not alone! By third trimester, 97% of pregnant women report not sleeping through the night. Get our guide to getting comfy and resting smart throughout your pregnancy.

prenatal massage for pregnany


Sleepless nights, pain and discomfort aren’t mandatory just because you’re having a baby. You can break up with sciatica, sleep better and get back pain under control.


Prenatal massage balances your body and calms your mind. It helps you prepare for the birth you want and postpartum recovery. And research hints that it's good for baby, too.

Pregnancy massage is not simply an option on our menu; it’s our speciality. We focus on science-based prenatal massage -- fancy talk to say that we’re obsessed with your comfort and safety. And we have been since 2004.


“Getting a prenatal massage during my pregnancy was so great. I think all pregnant women should get prenatal massages on a regular basis. The prenatal massages really helped me to relax, relieve back pain that I was having, and helped me to sleep better at night.”

– Maria B.



We're on a mission to support mom and baby in all aspects of their overall health and well being, by providing ongoing compilation of local and national resources on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Please feel free to recommend other additions and contact us!


Research on Prenatal Massage

Read the benefits of reduced anxiety & stress levels, decreased backache and puffy feet.


Therapist Training and Expertise

Find out North American experts on pregnancy massage discourage the use of special pregnancy massage tables. 


Ongoing Compilation of Resources

An ongoing compilation of local and national resources on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. 

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