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Therapeutic Prenatal Massage

Sciatica? Hip or back pain? Sleeping woes? Our certified prenatal massage specialists will work with you to customize a therapeutic massage session that addresses your concerns. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes a healthier pregnancy, shorter labors and healthier babies. This customized prenatal massage is safe throughout your pregnancy. 

60 minutes...$120

75 minutes...$150

90 minutes...$180


Partner Massage Instruction

Bring your partner in for this special Partner Massage Instruction session to help them get the tools to transform their massage techniques from "good" to "great."  The pregnant person will begin the massage table receiving a massage from both her partner and our prenatal massage therapist. We'll offer techniques and tools and tips for tired, achey hands; go through a full-body massage and work on massage for labor if desired. 

 90minutes, $225


'Birth' Day Massage

On, past or just about at your due date? It’s time to check out of that waiting game for awhile. We will work with you to design this session for whatever your current needs are — blending deep relaxation, deep tissue, aromatherapy, and very often some acupressure or Spinning Babies techniques to help balance your body if appropriate. This is special time for you to turn down the volume on the “waiting game”, check in with your baby and your body, and let your mind go quiet. 

 90minutes, $180

Prenatal Yoga.png

Body Balanced & Ready

Massage + Movement in one session! Come spend time with a prenatal specialist learning some gentle movement and Spinning Babies techniques to help you get YOUR body ready and prepared for birth. (Which sets you up for better postpartum recovery, too!) This will be followed by a therapeutic 90 min prenatal massage. Customized for you and your birth plans, though there is often a strong emphasis on pelvic alignment, the core and breathing!

 Movement + massage: 90 minutes, $180

Movement + massage: 120 minutes , $240

Pregnant Yoga.jpg

Prenatal Yoga Therapy

Private prenatal yoga is an integration of therapeutic yoga and body balancing techniques to help prepare the body, mind, and nervous system for the changes of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Each session is individually tailored to your needs. You can expect a combination of strength, mobility, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. Clients will receive tools for at home practice so they can integrate what they learned into their self care routine to create lasting benefits.

 Yoga Therapy: 60 minutes, $120

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