Smart Prenatal Massage because you're one smart cookie.

Pregnancy massage balances your body and calms your mind. It helps you prepare for the birth you want and postpartum recovery. And research hints that it's good for baby, too.

Prenatal massage is a safe and supportive therapy for women throughout pregnancy. Massage helps women relax and minimize the impact of stress on their bodies. Therapeutic touch relieves many of the aches and pains that accompany her changing body. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes healthier moms, shorter labors and healthier babies.

While many women seek out massage when the discomforts of the last few months of pregnancy become most intense, the real benefits are gained from more regular sessions throughout the pregnancy. While all relaxation techniques are beneficial, touch therapies have the strongest impact. Women who receive regular massage have measurably reduced levels of stress hormones and report less mood swings and physical discomforts.



Many therapists can ‘do’ prenatal massage. But few actually ‘specialize’ in it. Instead of just adapting a “cookie cutter” massage to a pregnant body, our massages are designed to address the specific changes of pregnancy and the most frequent discomforts.


Our focus is on science-based massage -- fancy talk to say that we’re obsessed with your comfort and safety. And when we're not at the massage table, we're delving into the research literature and busy slaying prenatal massage myths. No deep tissue massage for pregnancy? We say: Blasphemous!  Foot massage induces labor? We’re calling B.S.!


Are you certified to work with pregnant people?


Absolutely! We're all certified by the State of CA. And because that's not enough, we've also got advanced prenatal certifications. We're education junkies, insisting on rigorous and advanced prenatal massage training.


What’s up with the pillows?

We’ve got a lot of pillows. A lot. And we know how to use ‘em. We are strategic pillow ninjas, tucking here and propping there, supporting every inch of your body. All these pillows serve a purpose and set the base for a good massage. We strive for an impeccable standard of comfort.


A special treat for any mama-to-be. Spoil yourself with these deeply relaxing 90 minutes that include our signature prenatal massage focused on all of your tight and sore areas, heated steam towels and aromatherapy. The added temperatures, scents and textures help you unwind and enter a deeper state of relaxation. There is seasonal variability in this treatment.

90minutes, $155


Bring your partner in with you for this fun session so they can learn techniques to give you some great massage at home. You will be on the massage table and your partner and one of our therapists will give you a massage. We give you techniques to bring home and tips for common frustrations like set up and achey, tired massage hands.

90minutes, $165


Our prenatal massage is focused on impeccable comfort (if you are not comfortable on our table, you won’t enjoy the massage), the highest standards of evidence-based safety and smart, skillful therapeutic massage designed specifically for the pregnant body. Our prenatal massage is customized to your body, your pregnancy and how you are feeling on massage day.

30minutes, $65   45minutes, $85

60minutes, $105  |  75minutes, $120

90minutes, $145

For a full body massage, opt for a longer session -- 60minutes or more. 


Is it almost your “birth” day? Not your birthday, but “time to birth your baby” day. We will work with you to design this session for whatever your current needs are — blending deep relaxation massage, deep tissue massage to release muscle tension, aromatherapy and very often some Spinning Babies techniques to help balance your body. This is special time for you to turn down the volume on the “waiting game”, check in with your baby and your body, and let your mind go quiet.  

90minutes, $155



Located in the Blue Lotus Center for Health in Hillcrest 

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