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March 2022: We will update this procedures as policies and mandates change. Because we work with a sensitive population (pregnancy and postpartum, as well as individuals with health considerations), we will remain conservative in our safety measures. 
COVID-19 has brought sweeping changes to our world and to the massage industry. We have been updating and replacing much of our equipment to make cleaning and disinfecting easier. While some of these are long-standing practices, others are new and mandated by public health officials. 


Safety of our guests, employees, our families and our community is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is to have massage feel the same, and have most of these safety protocol invisible to our guests. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Masks. Masks will be worn by both the therapist and client throughout the entire massage appointment. Massage therapists use a fresh, clean mask before greeting each client and wear a face shield when appropriate (ex, during head & neck massage).

Air filtration & ventilation. We have made several upgrades to our ventilation system. The entire center’s air system now has a UV light to destroy any airborne pathogens in the clinic air.  Additionally, in each massage treatment room, we now have high-end air purifiers -- the iAdapt by AirOasis air purifier that combines HEPA filtration, with UV light technology, carbon filtration, and several ionization technologies.  


Screening. All employees and massage clients are screened for signs of infection and recent COVID-19 exposure before they enter our facility. If positive symptoms or exposure are indicated, employees stay at home and guests must reschedule. 

Linens. Every piece of linen is changed between each client. We are proud to partner with Image First Healthcare as our laundry vendor. They are a dedicated healthcare laundry company that already had infectious disease prevention strategies in place, and have enhanced their procedures over the past few months. 


Massage tools. Massage tools such has “hot stones” and “cups” are still cleaned with industry standard soap and hot water immediately after each use and now further disinfected with UV light.


Hand washing. Hand washing and sanitizing will be available to you throughout your appointment. And our staff will be washing their hands before greeting you, as well as immediately before and after your massage. And if needed, in the middle of the massage. We do have gloves available, and the massage therapist is happy to wear them at your request.


Surface disinfection. Surfaces are wiped down with EPA approved disinfectants immediately before and after each massage appointment. We have replaced many surfaces to ensure ease of disinfection – for example, all pillows are now encased with vinyl pillow cases so that once the cotton pillow case is removed, we can disinfect the pillow between clients.

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