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You can give good massage at home. 

Thanks for opting in for our free guide — our absolute favorite at-home massage technique for prenatal sciatica (and back pain!). 

Sciatica in pregnancy has become a catch-all phrase to describe low back, hip (glute) pain, and sacroiliac dysfunction. Sometimes it is accompanied with pain radiating down the leg, but not always. Be sure to talk with your midwife or MD about any pain you are experiencing! Nothing shared in this video is medical advice nor can replace care from your provider. 

STEP 1: Set up

The seemingly little details like pillows and positioning are critical to keeping her comfy and making sure the massage is effective. Don't skip this part!

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STEP 2: video tutorial

This video is less than 2minutes long -- but you want to do the massage technique for at least 5minutes, preferably 10minutes. 

Check out our "massage at home" classes -- designed and taught by a prenatal massage expert -- focused on safety and comfort. 

Step-by-step videos and how-to visuals.p

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