Get our favorite at home massage technique for sciatica, hip pain and low back pain in pregnancy. We've taught it to families for years and want to share it with you, too! Get our FREE guide!


**Please note that all services listed here might not be available for online booking as we navigate social distancing. Our statement on our Revised Safety Protocol is available here.** 

Prenatal Massage

Customized prenatal massage with certified prenatal specialists. *pricing varies by therapist*

60minutes, $105 -$120

75minutes, $120-$135

90minutes, $145-$160

Divine Mama Deep Relaxation

Customized prenatal massage with some extra pampering to take you deeper into relaxation!

90minutes, $165

"Birth" Day Massage

On or about your due date? You need a little extra time on the table and some special techniques as your body prepares for birth.

90minutes, $165

Partner Massage Instruction

Bring your partner in and we'll load them up with tips and techniques to give great massage at home.

90minutes, $175


Well-Rested Mama's Massage

Sleep and rest make it all possible! Deeply relaxing massage to support your rest.

75minutes, $125

Breastfeeding Mama's Makeover

Lots of therapeutic massage to your baby holding muscles -- arms, neck, chest and upper back.

75minutes, $125

Mom & Baby Massage

Bring baby with you and learn some infant massage, then get your own massage while you and baby snuggle on the massage table.

75minutes, $125

Infant Massage Instruction

Bring baby with you and learn some infant massage, then get your own massage while you and baby snuggle on the massage table.

60minutes, $105

Customized Massage Therapy

Customized massage, no extra charge for deep tissue. For a full body massage, opt for a longer session -- 60minutes or more. 

30minutes, $75 

60minutes, $105-$120

90minutes, $145-$160

CBD Massage

coming soon!


Hot Stone Tx

Add on a mini hot stone treatment to melt your tension and pull you deeper into relaxation, $5.

Cooling Peppermint Foot Scrub

Give your footsies some extra TLC with this invigorating peppermint foot scrub with hot steam towels! $5.

Warming Ginger Foot Scrub

Pamper your feet with this warming ginger foot scrub with hot steam towels! $5.

Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Scrub

This turmeric-infused salt scrub adds powerful anti-inflammatory healing to your massage -- for pain relief and overall wellness.$5.

CBD Balm

Add on this hemp-derived THC-free CBD muscle balm. CBD is know for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-anxiety effects. Non psychoactive. 500mg -- $7 | 1000mg -- $10


Massage cupping uses suction to soften adhesion(s), open up connective tissues, stimulate blood flow, induce relaxation and most importantly relieve pain. $10



Located in the Blue Lotus Center for Health in Hillcrest 

3320 Third Avenue, Ste.B

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