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“Getting a massage during my pregnancy was so great. I think all pregnant women should get massages on a regular basis. The massages really helped me to relax, relieve back pain that I was having, and helped me to sleep better at night.“


“Prenatal massage helped me tremendously through my last trimester of pregnancy. Since I had sciatica and lower back pain that prohibited me from working, my doctor prescribed physical therapy and massage. She, my doctor, recommended Nicole. Although it was a must-have due to my pain at the time, it was also a good time for me to relax pain-free. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed when finished with my massage. I have had several massages from different therapists, and Nicole made the appointments very comfortable with many pillows positioned to take stress off my hips and used a special “wedge” for pregnant bellies. She went above and beyond by showing me certain stretches to help alleviate the pain as well. I highly recommend prenatal massage to anyone that is expecting to help manage the emotional and physical changes.”


“I had a massage with Nicole and it was nothing short of incredible. Hands down the best massage I have gotten. She listened to me both before and at my appt and tailored a massage session for my specific challenges. I hope she knows how much of an impact she is having on the well being of pregnant mamas. The pillows were a huge relief just on their own. Her pressure was spot on and somehow she knew just where I needed to be massaged. I keep joking with hubby that I might have another baby just so I can get another prenatal massage with her. ;) Thank you Nicole!”


“I have been working with Nicole Trombley of Equilibrio Massage for the past year, and my body has never felt better! As an Esthetician I do repetitive movements for my job, and that can result in stiffness and soreness. Nicole is an expert at restoring these muscles to their full effectiveness, and my body has never felt better. Her knowledge and expertise are evident in her treatment as she expertly combines Thai Yoga stretching, deep tissue work, and relaxation techniques. In addition, Nicole is caring, articulate, and extremely well educated in caring for pregnant women. She is a role model in the prenatal massage community, and her genuine caring nature is communicated to all of her clientele. I love to refer clients to Nicole as I know they will be in great hands.”


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