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You can find prenatal massage almost anywhere these days — from spas to corporate massage franchises. Many places do prenatal massage. Yet few actually specialize in it.

Instead of adapting a generic “cookie cutter” massage to a pregnant body, specialists address your pregnancy, your birth and your postpartum recovery. 

You're not generic. And your massage doesn't have to be either.

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Prenatal massage can be a game changer. 

Regular prenatal massage can help you:

  • reduce the discomforts of pregnancy from back pain to sciatica

  • sleep better and stay active

  • prepare for the birth you want

  • support you through postpartum recovery

(Oh ya, research hints it's good for baby, too.)

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At Equilibrio, pregnancy massage is not simply an option on our menu; it’s our speciality. We focus on science-based prenatal massage —fancy talk to say that we’re obsessed with your comfort and your safety. And we have been since 2004. 


We used to think we knew how to do prenatal massage. But massage after massage, you — our pregnant clients — taught us new things and sent us scrambling to learn more and go deeper. New techniques, new pillows, new perspectives. Thousands of prenatal massages later, humbly, we are still learning from you. 

We work together with you for every massage to focus on:

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From COVID to prenatal safety, you need a therapist who will screen YOUR pregnancy and modify the massage based on YOU, not based on folklore, rumors and myths. 

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Getting comfortable in pregnancy is no joke. Your massage is no exception. You need experienced therapists schooled in pillow ninja skills.

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Every pregnancy is unique.

You need to make sure your massage is adapted to your body, this pregnancy and your birthing plans.      

And when we're not at the massage table, we're delving into the research literature and busy slaying prenatal massage myths. No deep tissue massage for pregnancy? We say: Blasphemous!  Foot massage induces labor? We’re calling B.S.! All so we can serve our clients better.

(And did we mention a commitment to really good massage?) 



Hands down the best massage I have gotten. She listened to me both before and at my appt and tailored a massage session for my specific challenges. I hope she knows how much of an impact she is having on the well being of pregnant mamas. The pillows were a huge relief just on their own. The pressure was spot on and somehow she knew just where I needed to be massaged. I keep joking with hubby that I might have another baby just so I can get another prenatal massage with her.

Christene S. from Yelp

We take our professional commitment seriously. 

Our team members are all California Certified Massage Therapists and avidly committed to our ongoing education. These are just some of our certifications.

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Get our favorite at home massage technique for sciatica, hip pain and low back pain in pregnancy. We've taught it to families for years and want to share it with you, too! Get our FREE guide!

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