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Level up your self-care this year!

Join our massage membership program for extra savings, exclusive benefits, and more massage.

Equilibrio's membership brings you savings and member-only discounts. With minimal commitment and no hidden fees, our membership is a simple, easy, and stress-free way to level up your self-care game. Come join us!

How does membership work?

Membership is an automated monthly payment at a discounted rate. Once you sign up, your credit card will be charged the first month's fee. This will include your first session. 

After that, your monthly membership will be automatically charged to your card-on-file each month. One massage is included in each month's membership payment. 

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Membership Benefits

Your monthly membership includes one massage. You can cancel anytime!* Here are the additional perks of being a member here at Equilibrio:


Additional massages

Do you need extra treatments this month? As a member, you can purchase as many additional treatments at the discounted member rate as you need.


Gift to family and friends

Can’t come in for your massage this month? No worries! You can share it with a loved one.


Upgrade your Massage

Need a longer session? Upgrade your 60 or 75-minute massage to a longer session at discounted member pricing.


Free Add-ons

Take your massage experience deeper with complimentary hot stones, heated towels, and essential oils.


Special Discounts

Special discounts for our members with some of our absolute favorite resources here in San Diego! From physical therapy to yoga to photography.


Priority Scheduling

Let us know if you’ve got scheduling restrictions. Members get priority scheduling with a members-only online scheduling link.

*There is no extra sign-up fee. After a minimum commitment of 3 months, you can cancel or pause at any time. No penalties. No fees. That would be stressful. And massage should never be stressful. 

Community Partner Discounts

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Simple, easy,
stress-free membership.

We wanted a way to make it easier for our clients to come in for regular massage. While clients requested a membership option, we wanted a membership that was simple and easy.  Without worries of long-term contracts, penalties, and hidden fees.

Massage shouldn't be stressful; massage membership shouldn't be either. 


Our massage memberships are available for our 60, 75, and 90-minute massages for a savings of $15 to $20 per massage. After an initial commitment, the membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime, with no hidden fees and no penalties. 

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60-minute monthly membership. Regular pricing is $130.


75-minute monthly membership. Regular pricing is $165.


90-minute monthly membership. Regular pricing is $195.

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