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Postpartum Massage

Yep, it’s nap time. Your nap time. We’ll tuck you in, melt away your tension and lull you into relaxation with deeply, sedating massage. Sleep may be elusive in these weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little nap in. Massage taps into your body's innate physiology to promote better sleep and help you rest better at home, too. Baby is always welcome in all our massages.

60 minutes...$120 

75 minutes...$150

90 minutes...$180

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C-section Scar Therapy

Specialized (and gentle!) scar therapy massage to help you normalize your C-section scar. This can help address adhesions in the fascial and muscular layers that can result in pain and restrictions. Scars at any age of healing are welcome, even a decade post surgery. (Please note: you must be at least 6 weeks post-surgery to have any work done on your scar). 

Initial appt, 90minutes, $185

Follow-up appts, 60minutes, $145

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Breastfeeding Mama's Makeover

Is breastfeeding taking a toll on your body? It's real work! Come get a makeover of your shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Breeze through postpartum recovery without sacrificing your own body as you tackle that  breastfeeding learning curve. Wanna bring babe? Yes, please! Baby will change your massage experience, but it's worth it. She can be in a stroller next to you or with you on the massage table to feed on demand. Or both. :) 

 75 minutes, $150


Infant Massage Instruction

This is a private session just for your family. Infant massage is an ancient art of families giving loving touch to their babies that crosses cultures and spans generations upon generations. It helps with family bonding, calms your baby and calms the caregiver as well. The best time to begin infant massage is in the first few months, and it is definitely easier before your baby is turning over too much and definitely before they are crawling

 60minutes, $120

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Body Balanced & Ready

Come spend time with a prenatal specialist learning some gentle movement and Spinning Babies techniques to help you get YOUR body ready and prepared for birth. (Which sets you up for better postpartum recovery, too!) This will be followed by a therapeutic 90 min prenatal massage. Customized for you and your birth plans, though there is often a strong emphasis on pelvic alignment, the core and breathing! Ample opportunity for as many bathroom breaks as you need. 

 Movement session: 75 minutes, $140

Movement + massage: 120 minutes , $220

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